Why I Will Not Buy Another Maclaren Stroller (and why you shouldn’t either)

I recently had one of the most terrible customer-service experiences I’ve ever had, and as a result, I feel no other choice than to say this: DON’T BUY A MACLAREN STROLLER!  

Certain Maclaren umbrella strollers are subject to a recall, and if a repair kit is not installed, you child is at risk for finger amputation. However, when I called to get a repair kit, they asked for proof of purchase (NO OTHER COMPANY has ever asked me for this in order to honor a recall). 

When I mentioned that the strollers were purchased second hand, the rep said that the original owners should have done the repair, and the fact that they didn’t is not Maclaren’s problem, and that the repair kit will cost me $50 (by the way, the Consumer Products Safety Commission website said this repair would be free, with no mention of any conditions). He said it is company policy, and that there’s nothing they can do.

I asked to escalate the issue. He said no. I asked him pointed questions (“don’t you care that there are kids that could still be injured by this?”). He gave me the same lines about company policy.  Every appeal I made to him was countered with “sorry, company policy.” The complete lack of empathy was appalling.

So I wanted to take a moment to warn everyone about a company that puts its bottom line before standing behind their products and protecting children. I implore everyone who is shopping for a stroller to not buy a Maclaren until this policy is changed.

The details of the recall can be found here: 


One thought on “Why I Will Not Buy Another Maclaren Stroller (and why you shouldn’t either)

  1. I just had the same problem. I even sent them a picture of my oldest daughter in the stroller as a baby and standing by it at 10 years old. I might try bbb or cpsc to get this done.

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