The stuff that dreams are made of


Image courtesy of Just Between Friends

Whether you just recently became a parent or are a seasoned veteran, one thing is certain: kids come with a lot of stuff. In fact, it is almost inconceivable just how much stuff comes with them.

What is equally overwhelming are All The Things You Absolutely Must Have For Your Child you hear about from books, magazines, online, from friends, family and off course the infamous baby registry suggestion list. Bouncers, bottle warmers, baby tubs, diaper pails, nighttime soothing sound machines…the list goes on. It can be difficult to decide on what is essential and what would be considered nice to have, but the world wouldn’t end if you decided to pass on it. As time goes on, though, and with a little guidance, you can quickly determine what the Things You Can’t Live Without are. For example, we found a baby swing and a pack and play to be great things to have. A baby wipe warmer? Never – we chose to believe cold wipes build character.   And each kid is different.  Heck, Daughter #2 was so impatient to get her bottle that we hardly used our bottle warmer with her.

So you get all this stuff, and you’re set. For a while. Then, your kid gets older and you find that you need different stuff. Once you move on from the big plastic toys that tend to take over your house (indoor play yards, exer-saucers, bouncers, activity tables, and so forth), maybe you think you’ll have your house back. However, it is followed by the toys with lots of little tiny parts, like Legos and Barbie accessories and building blocks. And if your kids are anything like mine, there’s the books. Oh, all the books. The toys may get smaller, but you’ll find that they end up taking up just as much space as the big stuff due to sheer volume.

So you’re probably thinking “Great, I’m going to have to re-mortgage my house to be able to afford all this new stuff, not to mention the addition!” Well, if you buy new, maybe so. But here’s the beautiful thing–you don’t have to buy new. Consignment-sale season is just around the corner, and most (if not all) of this stuff can be bought pre-owned and at a substantial discount.  And the one we frequent the most is the Just Between Friends Sale held in Glen Mills, PA.

You can find just about anything they need there, from a play yard with a napper for infants to board games you can play with your teens. What sets this particular sale apart, though, is the vast array of things to choose from. For example, if you’re looking for a pack and play or a high chair, a lot of sales will offer maybe two or three. At Just Between Friends, you’ll probably have around twenty to choose from. In addition, if you sign up to be a consignor, you can unload all your outgrown stuff in order to have room (and money) to replace it all with more age-appropriate stuff. And if you find yourself with a new baby, no problem! You can go back and get all the stuff you thought you didn’t need any more.

Our girls are already seasoned masters of the consignment-sale switch and are eager to sell things they are finished with in order to buy new treasures.  It keeps our clutter down and our budget on track. I’m sure that, with the great merchandise at great prices at the JBF consignment sale, you’ll find just the stuff you’re looking for.

The Just Between Friends consignment sale takes place September 17-20 at the Brandywine Youth Club, 41 S. Thornton Road in Glen Mills, PA. Go to for more information.

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